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Camping Trip – 1964

On this trip, we started in Pennsylvania with a visit to Hershey Park.  A small snippet of film showing the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.  We then went on to a great campground in Danville which I remember for the great swimming venue.  Then on to Niagra Falls for a visit.  Lastly, a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame which at the time was the highlight of my life!  I believe the last campground is Gilbert Lake State Park.

Mom had 2 babies in diapers on this trip.  How did she do it!!

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Mets vs. Cubs – August 2, 1964

I remember attending this game, with Dad, Uncle Mark and Bob but I don’t remember the game specifics.  I do remember learning how to score a game from Uncle Mark.  I had never seen that done before.

This was the year of the brand new Shea Stadium opening along with the Worlds Fair.  It was a big deal.  During the game, Uncle Mark bought us Mets pennants to wave and you can see up walking out with them in this video.  Wow!  That was a big deal.

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