Christmas 1969

Our first Christmas in the Redding house in 1969.  Dorothy got the big gift that year, her own sewing machine.  Lots of other great gifts and always amazing how much there was under the tree.  Can’t ever remember an unhappy Christmas…

Dad enjoying a peach

Great to see Dad enjoying the literal fruit of his labor.  Yup, at one time he was younger than we are now!

Charlie Chrysler

I remember this car and I vaguely remember this video being shot.  Uncle Bob always showed up with cool cars.

Steve Birthday – 1964?

I have no idea who the fellow in the green striped shirt is who is congratulating me on attaining 11 years of the good life.  In this video are (l. to r.) Bob, Steve, Ken, Dottie Ann.  This is in the dining room at Montauk Ave. at the newly purchased pine dining table that is… read more

Mets vs. Cubs – August 2, 1964

I remember attending this game, with Dad, Uncle Mark and Bob but I don’t remember the game specifics.  I do remember learning how to score a game from Uncle Mark.  I had never seen that done before. This was the year of the brand new Shea Stadium opening along with the Worlds Fair.  It was… read more

Camping Trip – 1964

On this trip, we started in Pennsylvania with a visit to Hershey Park.  A small snippet of film showing the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.  We then went on to a great campground in Danville which I remember for the great swimming venue.  Then on to Niagra Falls for a visit.  Lastly, a trip to the… read more